Recurrent Video Series: Research in 99 Seconds

US Shale must answer the call as Russia sets the world on a path to 1970s-style inflation

How could high-cost Shale be a winner in the Energy Transition?

Pipelines and Renewables - two types of "infrastructure" - with very different financial profiles

OPEC's July 2021 plan to increase production provides for a more stable oil market with greater visibility going forward

We're in a pandemic - why are we seeing inflationary pressures we haven't seen in 50 years?

What midstream energy can learn from tobacco about profiting from low growth and high cash flow.

For years, investors have not faced inflation - accordingly, many portfolios are poorly prepared.

What does today's economic environment have in common with the inflationary period of the mid-1970s?

Midstream free cash flow is set to grow dramatically, after years of capex and debt reduction.

How the changing nature of inflation could support a prolonged commodity rally.

The midstream "balance sheet recession," and how it sets up the recovery.

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Intro to Recurrent

Recurrent's Five Point Investment Philosophy

Recurrent - Introduction to EV/IC Methodology

Recurrent - EV/IC and Kinder Morgan Example

Recurrent - Oil Markets as a Dispatch Curve

Recurrent - Shale's Impact on the Shapes of Cycles